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Bekah cruised the Quarter, windows down, when she spotted Tess. Quickly, the Original sister pulled to the curb with a honk. “Hello, love!” she called out from the car, the top was down after all. “Care to get into a spot of trouble with me?”

Tess was taking a walk in the Quarter, her eyes studying her surroundings and the faces around her. She knew many were witches, but she had no way of knowing which ones, so she was keeping her guard up. When she heard a familiar voice calling her, she turned around, a smile spreading on her face. “Rebekah!” she greeted the other woman. “You know I’m always up for stirring up trouble,” she added as she walked over to the passenger seat. “Lead the way.”


"OOh. A secret agent woman now, are we?" Del asks, raising a brow as he sways with her. "Well, I’ll have you know, that I’m practically James Bond, except better— I don’t kill people.” Del says, grinning just as brightly back over at her. “But I’m just as cool.”


"You’ve caught me, I’m actually on a super secret mission for MI6," Tess joked, pretending to be distraught at his discovery. She smiled at his words, and followed the sway of the music, her hands resting on his shoulders. “Well, that’s great news, I’ve got a soft spot for James Bond and smart men who like adventure,” she admitted. 

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Marcel shrugged, licking his lips for a moment as he thought over that question. Why did he stick around when the company he kept was so treacherous? Oh yes, that’s right, he didn’t have a choice. “I stick around cause I don’t really got a choice. This is my town that they took from me, and I’m not about to back down and give it up to them.” At least that was his reasoning for it. Perhaps there was something deeper there that drew him to the Mikaelson’s, but he wasn’t about to admit to that.

"Isn’t that the damn truth, father’s have a way of doing that. It’s some unspoken agreement between them, to make their children’s lives difficult." He raised his glass to her and took a swig, because what else was there to do when talking about fathers? Drinking was always the best option. "I’m used to demanding. I’m around the Mikaelson’s most days, remember? It’s prepared me for anything, and anyone. Nobody is gonna be as… testing to my patience as Klaus." Rebekah was another one, but he wouldn’t bring her up specifically. He didn’t feel as bad talking about Klaus. "1634, well I’ll be damned. You’ve been around for longer than I thought, got a full 200 years on me. How was it back then?"


Tess waited patiently for his reply, her elbow resting on the counter and her fingers playing distractedly with the rim of her glass. “And there I thought it was because you’re a sentimentalist and felt bad about leaving them to their drama,” she commented, only half-joking; she’d suspected it had been for the past he apparently shared with them, but then again, the Mikalesons didn’t seem like people who made many faithful friends.

"I take it your dad was a piece of work too," she mused after he spoke, his words making her curious as to whether he was speaking from direct experience. It wouldn’t surprise her, to be honest, she’d seen enough to know that most fathers were not really fit for the job. "Then I’m convinced we’ll get along just fine, love," she agreed, knowing his words to be true; as spoiled and petty as she could be, she was bound to be more tolerable than Klaus. "Besides, I haven’t met him, but I’m sure I’m a much better sight than he is," she added with a grin. She laughed briefly at his next words, looking down at her drink for a moment before raising her eyes again. "It was… different. London was beautiful, but I was a servant girl to a particularly disgusting specimen of human being, so I couldn’t wait to leave it back then," she admitted with a chuckle. "What about you? Child of the New World?"

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"It’s what I think too and she, of course, found one with powerful supernatural creatures, which sucks a lot." Lydia added and tried a little smile since it was still a serious matter. "Yup, and I didn’t even tell you the stuff he did to me or how he creeped around Allison to get through Scott." She added and shook her head a bit disappointed when she heard what she wanted to gift Peter. "That was a bad idea since he didn’t really killed her and it’s downing yourself. If you want to go for a Hale, you should try Derek or Cora, not Peter." She suggested her.

"Well, if there’s anything I credit her for, is being able to sniff out supernatural creatures," Tess admitted with a sigh. "She’s a scarily good hunter, too bad she’s a psycho," she added, shaking her head. "Okay, that sounds bad. What did the creep do to you? And… who’s Allison and Scott?" she asked, very curious about what the girl had hinted at. "Oh, trust me, he’s not getting any now, that’s for sure," she replied with a brief laugh. "Wait, Cora’s alive? Last I heard she’d been killed in the fire." 

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He laughs, half-covering his mouth with one hand to hide the fact that he has curly fries jammed into it. Eventually it’s empty enough for him to talk. “Nah, not the Big Bad Wolf. First of all I’m taller than he is.” Fractionally, but it counts to Stiles. “Secondly, I don’t think Scott could be bad if he tried. Besides, sometimes…” He human shrugs with one shoulder, glancing briefly out of the windows. “…I think he likes to be able to remember what it’s like to not be a werewolf, you know? Like sometimes he just wants to be Scott, not True Alpha Protector or whatever.”


Tess laughed along with him, and only once she was done she took another long sip at her milkshake. “You’re taller than him? By what, an inch?” she asked with a confused smile. The next bit, however, she could agree to, and she nodded slowly. “He’s doing exceptionally good for someone so young,” she admitted. “I think the lack of Agent McDouche in his life has made him stronger. Hell knows it worked for me,” she reasoned with a thoughtful expression on her face. “It might have been tougher for him, but it made him the guy he’s now.” She took another left turn and kept driving, knowing they weren’t far from the clinic now. “I get that,” she said, then frowned. “I mean, I don’t really get it, but I can understand.” 


Alex called her three days later, holding the information she needed about the apartment on a paper in front of him.

Tess frowned when she saw the unknown number on her phone, but she picked up anyway. “Yes?” she said, her voice somewhat careful. 

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"I have a really good and soul crushing face when I’m crying. It’s great at keeping me alive," Lysander continued to joke around before raising his eyebrows and grinning. "Well, Tessandra, I’m glad I’ve got your approval. I’m gonna get a bumper sticker to let everyone know," He told her with a proud grin. He would have shown her his car but it was parked at the offices they had both just walked from.

Okay, to be completely and utterly honest, Lysander was not expecting her following statement. Never in a million years would he have expected that and his face showed his surprise. “Ah,” was all Lysander could muster before snapping back to reality. He quickly regained his bright demeanor as what she had just said finally settled down in his mind. “I actually only spent a day with him. Well, a part of a day. His 400th birthday actually. I think I ruined his birthday with that nickname.”

Lysander visibly relaxed and laughed now that they were starting to show each other their cards. He saw no reason for her to lie to him about her father and he had no real reason to lie to her about his true nature. “I’d love to tell you why I’m so formidable but I think if we keep standing here talking we’ll draw some unwanted attention,” Lysander said as he looked around at the houses. He still preferred the cities to small towns. People were always too nosy for their own sake in small towns. “Would you like to get some coffee or tea?”


"That sounds like a pretty effective method of defense," Tess admitted with a small laugh, shaking her head. "Hey, not many people get it, so yeah, you should get a bumper sticker, and a commemorative plate," she agreed, clearly joking, her tone highly amused. She was past worrying about him trying to behead her, which was unusual, since she was pretty big on paranoia.

She couldn’t help smiling at the surprise on his face when she revealed the bit about her father. “I don’t usually tell people, because they idolize the guy, but you’ve met him so there’s no danger of that,” she informed, tilting her head to the side, and when he told her the circumstances of their meeting, she laughed, genuinely amused. “You most definitely did, and I could kiss you for it,” she confirmed, cheerful. “His ego needs kicking from time to time.”

As he spoke, she looked around and realized that yes, standing there on the sidewalk was probably going to attract attention, which she would rather avoid. “A cup of tea does sound like a remarkably good idea,” she admitted. “Besides, I’m too curious now to just let it go.”