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Lysander smiled as he glanced at his phone. A minute or two later he parked outside her house. He got out of his car and knocked on her door. “Did someone order a snake hunter?” Lysander called out jokingly as he waited at her doorstep.

Tess had made sure to lock all windows and doors, and any opening the snake could have used to get out of the house. When she heard Lysander’s voice, relief washed over her and she hurried to the door, and only as she opened it, she allowed herself to smile. “That sounds like a line from a very bad and disturbing porno,” she pointed out, laughing from the first time since the whole ordeal had started. “Get in and lock the door.” 

skinnydefenselessheroism replied to your post “Hey, I just wanted to give you a heads-up, there’s some kind of crazy list of all the supernaturals in town and a bunch of assassins trying to get the bounties. I haven’t seen your name on the list yet but it couldn’t hurt to be careful.”

A very bloody one so far. Someone calling themselves ‘The Benefactor’, funded by money stolen from the Hales. It’s really been a whole lot of headless body fun.

"That sounds like a pimp, are we sure it’s not Peter? It’s a very Peter name to use."

"Seriously, what the bloody hell. I go away for a month and all hell breaks loose? I’m never leaving this town again, I swear."

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"Exactly my thoughts. Can’t expect loyalty if you’re not a loyal person yourself. Never know when to trust anyone these days." Marcel shook his head, raising his drink to Tessa’s in a very appropriate cheers for that moment. "May they burn." His glass tapped hers before all of the liquid it held was drained. "I haven’t given you a reason to off me yet, don’t worry. The night is young, and I’m very good at pissing people off."


“Shakespeare? You’re not pulling my leg right now?” He laughed, raising his brows in blatant skepticism. She had to be telling a fib, what were the odds that she would have some connection to one of the greatest writers of all time? “Once I got plucked from that plantation, I drank away most of the century too. And no need to be shy about it, I know you’re glad I made it out alive. If I didn’t then who would be showing you such a good time in the Quarter?”

"It’s depressing if you think about it, though," Tess commented with a short, amused laugh. "Trust no one, believe no one. Sounds like a trailer for a very bad thriller movie." She smiled when he joined her toast, and drank her own drink in one go; at his comment, she couldn’t help the grin that rose to her lips. "That sounds promising, so I’ll either have a good time, or a good fight. It’s a win/win for me."


"Actually no, not pulling your leg. But I have to admit I might have withheld part of the truth," she admitted with a grin. She figured there was no need to keep it a secret, and maybe if her father did end up in New Orleans, it was better if Marcel knew they were related. "Let’s just say me being a writer is part of my DNA. Half of it, to be precise," she hinted, smirking. "If you put it like that, I’m definitely glad. I couldn’t have found a better guide." 

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"Oh if that’s the case then I might as well get the plate now. I’m not exactly the most mortal guy out there and I don’t think I’ll be having to kill you," Lysander told her with a smile before laughing and nodded. "I don’t think he’d like that at all."

He grinned kind of like a child that was just given positive reinforcement. ‘Well I’m glad you were able to find space in your heart for my poor, poor soul,” he told her as he placed his hand over his own heart. He looked like he was about the cry as he brought his other hand the wipe away any tears. Then, in a heartbeat, he was laughing and running his hands through his hair.

"Okay. Okay just — just give me a moment," Lysander gasped out between laughs. He doubled over and put his hands on his knees. It took him a few moments to stop laughing. He shook his head and stood back up. "Sorry about that. There’s a nice place I stopped at yesterday. I can drive us there but we would have to walk back to the offices. I left my car back there."


"Now you’re just teasing me to make me more curious," Tess pointed out, narrowing her eyes at him. She was happy to have met someone interesting, but she was very thrilled to know what he was.

She laughed at his respose and she good-heartedly punched him on the arm. “Hey, I’m about to revoke that spot you just got,” she warned, but it was clear that she was just playing along.

She was surprised to see him laugh so wholeheartedly, but she had to admit it was nice. She was so used to being around gloomy people that he was a breath of fresh air. “Don’t worry, after all a certain amout of senility is to be expected with old age,” she teased when he apologized. She nodded, then glanced at her car parked a few feet away. “We can take mine, if you’re brave enough to get into a car with a vampire four times your age,” she proposed with small shrug.

skinnydefenselessheroism asked: Hey, I just wanted to give you a heads-up, there's some kind of crazy list of all the supernaturals in town and a bunch of assassins trying to get the bounties. I haven't seen your name on the list yet but it couldn't hurt to be careful.

"Please tell me you’re joking. A bloody deadpool? Who made it? And who’s paying for these bounties?"

"Thanks for the heads up, I really appreciate it."  

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