Drew sighed and looked her over for a second. “Yeah, come in. Try not to bleed on the carpet.”


"Thanks. I’ll be out of your hair as soon as I stop feeling like I’m about to pass out." Tess spoke softly, her voice plain; she didn’t like asking for help, showing vulnerability, but in her current condition, she had very little choice. 

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"What the fuck happened to you?"

"Took on a nest of vampires. I… miscalculated. There were ten more than I expected." 

"Can I crash here? It’s closer than my house."


"Yeah, yeah…" Drew called back now that he was in the kitchen. He rummaged for a bit to find mugs before he rummaged through the fridge to find the packs. He didn’t like packs, but situation called. He poured the blood into the cups before putting them in the microwave, watching them spin around as he waited.

Once Tess was dressed, jeans shorts and a t-shirt, she walked downstairs, the smell of blood already in the air when she reached the kitchen. She glanced at Drew, trying to evaluate his mood, but she figured it wasn’t bound to be any good before blood. When the microwave beeped, she took the two mugs, holding one out to him. “Good morning, sweetheart,” she said jokingly with a grin. 

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Every now and then it was nice to get out and take her
dog to the park so he could play. Her house wasn’t that
big but the yard lacked one thing park had: other dogs.
Nearly as soon as she’d let him off the leash he’d
dashed off, chasing another. A sigh left the hybrid’s
lips as she tried to see where he’d run off to, one
hand shading her eyes from the sun’s glare. At the
voice she turned, giving a briefly apologetic smile.


❝ Sorry, my dog just ran off and I
   was trying to see where he went.
   I didn’t mean to get in your way. ❞

Tess looked up at the girl and smiled when she apologized, waving her hand briefly to let her know she didn’t mind. “It’s alright.” She looked around when the girl spoke that bit about her dog, and slowly closed her laptop. “I can help you find him, if you want,” she offered with a little smile. Her chapter was done, and it would let her stretch her legs after almost two hours of sitting and writing. 

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Of course she’d noticed that the girl had missed saying her last name, but it didn’t really matter. Obviously the woman was being safe, like herself. Which was exactly why she’d brought along her fake ID instead of her real one, a handy tricked passed along by fellow assassins like herself.

"Yes, I’m hoping things will go better for us here, especially my sister though. The poor thing was traumatized by our last accident." It was true, Lucille had been pretty wrecked from the accident, but she was tough and would get over it in no time, it’s what they were used to after all.

"Anyways, it was a pleasure meeting you,Tess. Was there anything else you needed?"

Tess relaxed when the girl didn’t inquire further into her identity. She figured her paranoia was to blame for her edginess, and the fact that the town was still so new she didn’t know what threats to expect. Apparently, this girl wasn’t one of them, which was a relief. 

"Oh, that’s terrible. Is she young?" she asked with a somewhat concerned tone. She didn’t know what the accident was, and it wasn’t her business to ask, but knowing a child might have been involved made her worry; she didn’t like when things like that happened to children. 

"Likewise," she replied with a smile, then shook her head slowly. "Not really, I was just doing my good citizen duty," she joked. 

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'Hn…' Yeah that was an interesting, if not nice, thing for him to say.

"Yeah, thanks." Drew said as he got up from the bed and went to look for the kitchen. He was hungry, to the point that he wasn’t sure if he ate last night, and feeding would help clear the rest of the fog in his head.

Tess watched him go with a vaguely confused smile, then shrugged and got off the bed as well. She took off her nightgown and proceeded to getting into some more acceptable clothes. 

"While you’re at it, please warm a cup for me as well," she shouted, knowing he could hear her.


Stiles’ entire face goes blank. He turns, exaggeratedly slowly, and blinks at Tess hollowly. “Did you seriously just call me the Enterprise? Like an entire spaceship?”

Actually he doesn’t seem that insulted. He’s more scandalized at the notion of meditation. “I don’t want to just repress them.” He says, after a long, long moment. “I want to be able to control them. Uncouple the power from my emotional response, ideally, but if that doesn’t work—learn how to summon the idea of the emotion when I need it and be able to get the power I need when I need it…it’s complicated. I’m sure to someone who’s hundreds of years old the lack of control is hilarious.”

He points suddenly at Tess as she makes her comment. “Yes! Yes. He’s literally an I.E.D. Nobody else appreciated my insight, thank you. And, uh. No, he’s on the list. Which makes me very leery. Whoever the Benefactor is, they’re close, and they already knew Malia’s real parentage.”

"Well, the Enterprise is Scotty’s one true love, after all,” Tess confirmed, quite proud of her - in her opinion - strike of genius. “Alright, I’m definitely changing your contact name in my phone. It’ll be an improvement from what it is now.”

She frowned when he protested and told her he didn’t want to repress his emotions. “No, no, hey, stop. I didn’t say you have to go Vulcan.” Talk of staying in topic. “Control isn’t repression, it’s using what you’re feeling for a purpose. Consider it a form of energy, you have to channel it somewhere, otherwise, you blow up,” she responded, nodding slowly, though her expression turned unbelieving a moment later. ”Hilarious? Stiles, control is the Holy Grail for vampires.” She took a deep breath before speaking again. “After Sebastian died, I lashed out, I completely gave in to my anger. I tore through an entire village just because they’d harbored the hunters who’d killed him,” she recounted, her expression now once again sober. “By the time my maker stopped me, I’d slaughtered sixty-seven people.” 

She couldn’t help chuckling at his reaction, however, when she used the words ‘time bomb’. “As odd as it is to agree with you, you’re welcome. And you’re right, we’ll need to watch him.” She was surprised to hear he was on the list, that was an unexpected development. “That’s odd to say the list. Who in town can have such an accurate account of all supernatural beings?” 


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"If you promise to be good you might just get lucky one more time," Lysander told her as he grabbed his handkerchief. When she pulled her hand towards him he was about to say something about how insatiable she seemed to be. After all, he was not just a blood bank for her. Actually, now that he thought about it, he would be a pretty good source of blood forever. However, as soon as he realized what Tess meant and what she was going to do, he shut down. He just stared forward with a blank expression until she was done. No way was she going to ‘win’ this game. After a few moments he broke and laughed wholeheartedly. "Mrs. Robinson, you’re trying to seduce me. Aren’t you?" He teased with a grin as he sat down on the other end of the couch. The loss of blood mixed with the alcohol seemed to have started to take their effect on him.

"That’s a tempting possibility." Tess commented with a smirk, the taste of his blood still on her lips as she spoke. When she moved forward and cleaned the blood off his thumb, she kept her eyes on him, though his expression didn’t give anything away. Good, she liked a challenge, and it was bound to make the whole thing less dull if she could torment him while he "kept her prisoner". Not that she couldn’t get away, she was simply starting to enjoy messing with him. "Aren’t you a smart one?" She watched as he sat on the other end of the couch, but made no move to approach. Instead, she assumed a relaxed position and addressed him a grin. "Don’t tell me you’ve never thought about it."